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Webelos     FDL R-W-B86
Pack Leaders, are you having a Webelos to
Boy Scout Crossover Ceremony?
Waupecan Lodge 197 would like to hold an OA Crossover Ceremony at your Pack Meeting!

The Lodge will conduct Crossover Ceremonies in 2018 between February 1  to March 30.

The deadline to request a ceremony is March 16, 2018!

If you would like to request a Crossover Ceremony for your Pack, just fill out the easy to use
Online Ceremony Request Form Below:
(There are 4 steps to complete the form
and all feilds are required to submit)


Step 1 | Your Contact Information

Please provide us the Name, Email, & phone Number(s) of the leader that will serve as the contact person for your pack.
Once you complete all fields in this section, you can move on to the next step: Step 2 | Your Unit Information by clicking the button that will appear below.

Leader's Name
Leader's Email Address
Leader's Phone #
What type of phone is this?
Step 2 | Your Unit Information

First choose the district your pack is in in the first dropdown, then choose your pack Number in the second dropdown.
(Packs that already requested a Crossover this year have been removed from the list)

Once you complete all fields in this section, the next step: Step 3 | Your Request Information will appear below.

Step 3 | Your Request Information

Here is where you get to request the date & time you would like the ceremony team to arrive. First choose the day of the week in the first dropdown this then sets up the second dropdown with all the open dates for that day of the week and the third dropdown with the open times for that day of the week.

If possible, please submit this request 7 days before your Blue & Gold. All possible efforts will be made to grant your requested time. The good news is we have 3 Ceremony Teams Requested times may need to be adjusted to allow travel times from one Blue & Gold to another.

The young men performing the ceremony need about 15-20 minutes to get ready before the ceremony begins.

Please also provide Location Details (and any other relevant details) in the Location box below.

Once you complete all fields in this section, the next step: Step 4 | Submit your Request to the Lodge will appear below.

NOTE: As dates fill up we will remove the date(s) from the request form.

Full date(s) so far:
in February: 18th, 24th, & 25th
in March:

You may also include any other relevant details in this space as well.
Step 4 | Submit your Request to the Lodge

Please click on the 'I'm not a robot' box (anti-spam measure) then click the Submit button to send your request to the chapter.

If you click the Submit Button and you're still on this page check that you filled in all the required fields. If all goes well, you will be taken to a Confirmation Page which will show you the details you provided. You should also then recieve an email shortly there after to serve as your copy of the request. An email will also be sent to your Lodge/Chapter Election Team.

This is the final step for this form.

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